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Starter Kit includes:

3 sprays (Love, Peace, Bliss)

3 cases @ 6 units/case

1 display stands

3 testers



COST - $12.50 per unit

MSRP - $25 per unit


Peace Vermarine Spray harmonizes the mind. Smokey, earthy vetiver, spicy thyme and sweet lavender are infused into a Vermarine gem elixir and Barrel Cactus Flower Essence. Vermarine is a prized rare green quartz stone appreciated for its harmonizing qualities. Barrel Cactus is a sacred desert flower known for connecting to trust and harmony.

Love Rose Quartz Spray amplifies unconditional love.  Sweet grassy palmarosa, amber like cistus and pink peppercorn infused into a Rose Quartz gem elixir and Ocotillo Flower Essence. Rose quartz is the stone of the sacred heart and it invokes self-acceptance. Ocotillo flower infuses your heart with the lightness of love that is upbeat, childlike and carefree.

Bliss Amethyst Spray deepens spiritual connection. Night blooming jasmine, Ecuadorian palo santo with licorice notes and floral ylang ylang are infused in an Amethyst gem elixir and San Pedro Flower Essence. Amethyst is a master stone and expands the crown chakra and helps you tap into the oneness of the divine. San Pedro flower helps you access the exaltation that comes from the divine.

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