Green Remedy Detox

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Everyone knows organic green juices help support your organs of detoxification and elimination. Our Green Remedy Detox kit contains our green remedies, focus+ and decongest+. Both remedies are made from various green plants, from herbs to shrubs to trees and helps you get clean inside and out! focus+ was developed to help you get sharp but it has numerous side benefits such as helping with hangovers, headaches, sluggishness and mental fatigue. decongest+ supports your respiratory health with a forest of essential oils that inspire you to breathe deeper moving oxygen throughout your body. The cleaning properties of both of these oils are well documented. Use them when during a cleanse and on a daily basis to assist your body in being lean and green! 

Contains two, 4 ml remedies (focus+ and decongest+) in a muslin drawstring pouch.

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