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Gem Elixir: Fire opal gem elixir enhances intuition. It resonates with spiritual and psychic protection.

Shimmer with health year round with immunity+. Infused with fire opal elixir, immunity+ magnifies the protective aura around your body. Botanical immune boosters keep germs at bay; lemongrass, spicy clove, and warm coriander smell sweet and are gentle to you but their vapors destroy pathogens upon contact. Inhale it daily to wrap a cloak of protection around yourself.

Ingredients- Organically grown and/or wild-crafted therapeutic essential oils in pure coconut oil base including lemongrass, coriander, clove, oregano, thyme, red mandarin, eucalyptus; flower essences of amaryllis, king’s lily, clematis, rock rose, impatiens, cherry plum; and opal gemstone elixir.





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Written by Maria Juul on May 22nd 2019

Thanks ever so much for your product. I love it.

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