Love Rose Quartz Spray

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HOW TO USE: Shake & mist around room and/or body. Feel the warmth of love and gratitude as this vibrational spray blesses you and your space with positive energy.
GEM ELIXIR: Rose Quartz gem elixir is the stone of the sacred heart and it invokes self-acceptance, acceptance of others, self-awareness and generosity.

Love Rose Quartz  Spray amplifies unconditional love.  Sweet grassy palmarosa, amber like cistus and pink peppercorn infused into a Rose Quartz gem elixir and Ocotillo Flower Essence. Rose quartz is the stone of the sacred heart and it invokes self-acceptance. Ocotillo flower infuses your heart with the lightness of love that is upbeat, childlike and carefree.

Ingredients: Aqua, organic palmarosa essential oil, cistus essential oil, pink pepper essential oil, organic grape alcohol, rose quartz gem elixir, ocotillo cactus flower essence.

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