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Gem Elixir: Rainbow moonstone elixir aids in calm sleep and lucid dreaming. It deflects negativity and eases emotional stress.

Slumber in moonlight with sleep+.

Infused with rainbow moonstone gem elixir, sleep+ helps you fall asleep quickly and sleep deeply. The gentle scent of honeyed lavender, exotic jasmine and earthy vetiver lull the mind into silence, the body into deep rest. Citrusy and nutty petitgrain is the aroma of timelessness that you awaken to. Inhale before bed and dab it onto your forehead and chest to adventure into dreamland.

Ingredients: Organically grown and/or wild-crafted therapeutic essential oils in pure coconut oil base including lavender, vetiver, jasmine, petigrain sur fleur; flower essences of petrea, globe amaranth, kahili flower, elm, white chestnut; and rainbow moonstone elixir.



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