TLC for the Heart

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Your heart is the organ of emotional intelligence. When faced with heartbreak, loss, grief or shock, let the power of scent be thy medicine.  When going through tough times, this trio of remedies help you maintain your equilibrium with grace and relative ease. Keep these oils close and use daily to lift your mood, rest better and stay healthy. 

Includes: De-Stress, Sleep and Immunity

De-Stress+ - Helps you feel grounded and calm during turbulent time.

Sleep+ - Helps you sleep and create peace when you are integrating thoughts and feelings. 

Immunity+ - Grief and sorrow are often accompanied by shock which makes one more susceptible to getting sick, immunity helps keep your body healthy. 

Kit comes with three, 4 ml remedies (de-stress+, sleep+, immunity+) in a muslin drawstring pouch.  (link to each of the individual remedies HERE

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